Changed Drive Letter Now PC Does Not See It

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I was going to stop using my second drive because it was conflicting with my main hard drive. So I went out and changed the drive letter to E. I took that drive out to put into another computer and the new computer can not see the drive.  How can I switch it back to C so the computer will see it?

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Changed Drive Letter Now PC Does Not See It


The drive letter is assigned by each computer therefore the problem is that your new computer does not assign one for the hard drive yet.

The method will a little bit vary according to your Windows version.

If you are using Windows 7, please go to control panel and select administrative tools. Double click on Computer Management, and select Disk Management. You will found one of the disk has not been assigned with drive letter. Right click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Then press Add and select the letter you want and press OK.

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Changed Drive Letter Now PC Does Not See It


If you only want to remove your second hard drive and put it on another computer, there’s no need to change the drive letter or delete the drive letter of the second hard drive. When you connect it to the other computer, it will automatically be assigned to the drive letter C. But the other computer should not have a hard drive currently installed.

If the other computer is already installed with a hard drive, your second hard drive will be assigned to the drive letter D or E depending on the existing letters used. In case the other computer doesn’t have a hard drive, when you install it with your second hard drive the system should automatically assign the drive letter C.

What you are saying is not possible. It is not possible for the other computer to not see the hard drive if it is the only hard drive installed on the computer. The thing you did on your original computer where you deleted its drive letter is not applied or doesn’t affect when it is connected to a different computer.

If the computer can’t see the hard drive, maybe your BIOS can’t detect the drive. Just check the cable connections inside your CPU and you should be able to access it.

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