CentOS 6.3 features and specifications

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Can anyone compare both CentOS 6.2 and CentOS 6.3 what additional features they have added and what are the minimum system requirements need for the versions?

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CentOS 6.3 features and specifications


Some of the new features and changes of CentOS 6.3 are

  1. Instead of Open Office 3.2 as its office suite. CentOS 6.3 now will use LibreOffice 3.4 as Office suite. (Desktop install group will install the suite completely). If you upgrade from lower version to 6.3 and you have Open office installed, it will automatically remove and will replace it with  LibreOffice.
  2. Drivers have been updated and virtualization was improved well. There are new packages responsible for virtualization like virt-p2v (physical to virtual) and the other one is virt-v2v (virtual to virtual).
  3. CentOS 6.3 system requirements as the same with the lower version like CentOS 6.2.
  4. You may visit https://wiki.centos.org/ for more info.

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