My Computer could not detect CD/DVD Drive

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Hi everyone,

How on earth is the CD/DVD drives cannot detect on "My computer"?

It only shows as floppy disk drive.

cd not detecting my computer.

As my previous tasks were going well but as I inserted an installer yesterday the CD weren't be able to detect in my computer. And the CD won't work!

I pulled out the CD/DVD ROM drive from the computer and reassembled it but still the driver can't be detected.

What is the main problem with the driver?

Why is it the problem occurs this time for the computer has been used and the CD/DVD drive were able to work.

Please help, thanks.

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My Computer could not detect CD/DVD Drive


Hi Demie,

This error is usually caused by a corrupt registry. Judging from your screenshot, you are using Windows XP, so here are solutions to fix this problem:

1. Power – First check if the DVD/CD Drive has power. Is the light flashing during boot up? Can you open the disk tray? Verify if there is power being supplied to the drive, if there is none, then the cables may be damaged or the drive itself.

2. Test the Drive – If you have a way to check the drive itself using another computer, then you can find out if it’s the drive that is broken or not. While you are at it, you might as well try to use another drive in your computer and see it is being recognized.

3. Assigned drive letter – Check if there is a drive letter assigned to the CD/DVD Drive.

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • Administrative tools
  • Computer Management
  • Select Disk Management under Storage

4. Disk Management – After following the above steps, open the right pane, scroll down to find the CD-ROM 0.

  • Check if there is a Drive letter shown under it such as “D:” or “E:”
  • If it doesn’t have a drive letter, right click on the CD-ROM
  • Select Change Drive Letters and Paths
  • Press Add
  • Choose a drive letter beside the “Assign the following drive letter:”
  • OK
  • OK
  • Close the Disk  Management

5. Device Manager – You may also uninstall and reinstall the Drive from the Device Manager. There are cases wherein only this step was needed to fix this kind of problem.

  • Right click My Computer
  • Select Manage
  • Click Device Manager under System Tools
  • Click the + sign beside “DVD/CD-ROM drives”
  • Right click the drive and click Uninstall
  • OK
  • Right click your computer name at the very top of the list.
  • Select Scan for hardware changes
  • Exit the Device Manager

6. Registry – As mentioned above, the registry might have been corrupted. This may happen if you try to install a program that uses the DVD/CD Drive such as Nero, Roxio, or any other burning or writing applications.

  • Start
  • Run
  • type regedit
  • Press Enter

7. Registry Editor – Once you have the Registry Editor window open, navigate to:

  • Current Control Set
  • Control
  • Class
  • Then from the Class folder, scroll down to each and every subfolder until you get to one where it has DVD/CD -ROM Drives or CD-ROM under Data in the right pane of the Registry Editor Window. The folder is usually the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

8. Delete the Registry Values – Once you have located the correct folder, from the right pane of the folder selected by following the above step, check for the values:

  • UpperClass, LowerClass, UpperFilters, or LowerFilters
  • If you see any of those, delete them.
  • Close the Registry Editor and Restart your computer

9. Burning or Writing Software – If you have any CD/DVD burning or writing software installed, those may be the ones to have caused the problem, especially if you have recently installed or used such program.

  • Uninstall any Nero, Roxio, Zune, and alike from the computer

To install Nero 11 back again, just simply watch the video below:

  • Restart
  • See if the Drive is shown already or not.
  • Either way, Reinstall the software to see if still causes the problem or fixes it.

10. Microsoft downloadable fixit – There is a fixit provided my Microsoft to remedy the problem if applicable to your case as to how it got removed or went missing from the list.

Windows XP with Service Pack 3 SP3

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My Computer could not detect CD/DVD Drive


You have to find the problem in this case see the following steps to solve problem.

  • First check that the light of CD/DVD is blinking on start up and when ever used and try is coming out from it or not.
  • It there is no problem then it mean that the power supply is OK now check the data cable for your drive. Is it working properly or not.
  • Do you try the device manager to see the drivers of your drive, I not then check them now and make sure they are updated and working properly.
  • Check you CD/DVD on another computer to make sure that fault is in your CD/DVD not in PC. After you have check them all now check that the power supply of your PC is working properly.

And I hope that there is one of reasons which I have indicated here and you can now solve your problem easily.

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