CCleaner – “Completed with errors”.

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Hi Viewers,

Beside using CCleaner, I have recently added eraser to clean many of my tasks. But in most cases I have to face an error message saying,

"Completed with errors".

Can you suggest a permanent solution for this problem?

I am really fed up with this issue.

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CCleaner – “Completed with errors”.


Hi Jason,

This error happens once in a while. For your case, since you recently added eraser to your system, completing with errors means that the tasks being initiated by the eraser will stay in your schedule option for manual examination in the task log. When you don't need it anymore, you can delete it manually. All the processes are recorded in the task log so you can see it there if the certain task is blocked from deleting by the system. This errors and warnings happens because eraser works close within the allowable limit of your Operating System.

Hope this helps.


Gresham Yvonne

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