Cause of Lenovo’s PC Tablets Immense Growth

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What are the reason's behind the immense growth of sales of the Chinese computer manufacturing company Lenovo? Does its buyers find it more reliable, practical or even cheaper than the other brands in the market?

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Cause of Lenovo’s PC Tablets Immense Growth



Dear Meninitash,

You want to know about the reason behind immense growth of sales of Lenovo.

Here is some information for you.

Lenovo product is made by Lenovo Group Limited, the Chinese multinational company. They have co-headquartered in Beijing, Singapore, United States.

**Lenovo products have the huge growth of sales. Their products have beautiful design, especially laptop. Due to this reason young generation are the main customers of their laptop.

**Lenovo products are cheaper than other products of same configuration.

**Lenovo products are more reliable than other product.

**Although it is a Chinese product, but it is also produced in United States for their people.

**Lenovo products are safer.

**Lenovo products are produced on the basis of customer demand.

All these reasons are stands behind the immense growth of sales of Lenovo product.


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Cause of Lenovo’s PC Tablets Immense Growth


Hi Meninitash!

There are many reasons why Lenovo gained immense growth in their PC Tablet Market. Here are some:

1. Lenovo's target Market are from China. In fact, the company derives the 50 percent of their sales in China where fewer people own Personal Computers that mostly came from small businesses in rural areas.

2. Acquisition of Germany-based computer maker, Medion AG (MDN) and the PC-unit of Tokyo-Based NEC Corp last year. These companies, contributed to the solid revenue growth by above-industry volume.

3. Reliable products at a cheaper price. In fact, Thinkpad PC sales rose this year. Though not as stylish as other computers, its specifications are excellent and is comparably cheaper than the other competitors.

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