Cashbook Software Arguments: NotFound error message

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I am using accounting software which is Cashbook Online.

When I worked with it I got this error message (error image attached below).

What this error all about?

I have searched the internet and don’t understand reasons why this error appears, is there someone who also using this one knows how to solve this error?


Error launching the selected cashbook.

[HttpWebRequest_WebException_Remote Server]

Arguments: NotFound

Debugging resource strings are unavailable.

Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See

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Cashbook Software Arguments: NotFound error message


Lanny Garse,

I had similar issues sometimes back using a different software, using the Silverlight environment.

After spending considerable time on trying to find the reason, I was forced to consider that this could be the issue between Silverlight standard version and developer version.

But no, and you will be surprised to know that the actual cause of this error was the address of the server, where the application was trying to connect.

Meaning instead of complete address example the application was trying to connect to and the www part was missing.

I advise to check the same.


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Cashbook Software Arguments: NotFound error message


Hi Lanny,

This error is related to the WebService consumed by online application.

Please take a closer look at the selected cashbook from your profile.

This is happening when your current selected cashbook (autotyped by browser history, or selected as default) has been deleted in other instance of the browser.

Try to create a new cashbook and use the new one instead.

Have a great day,


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