Cant we uninstall softwares from a MAC

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Cant we uninstall softwares from a MAC

How should we remove any applications from a MAC System?

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Cant we uninstall softwares from a MAC


Hi Twilajxgeldxtav,
The steps to uninstall software from mac are as follows:
1) Login in the Mac system as 'Admin'
2) Open the 'Applications' folder and select the program you want to uninstall


3) Drag the program or software in the Trash
4) Empty the Trash and there will be free space in the system
5) Delete all the application preferences and support files located in any of the listed files:
a) The path can be '/Library/Library Preferences/', '/Library/Application Support/'
b) Open the folder in the home folder of the system
c) Delete any related files still present in the system
6) Empty the Trash and restart the system

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Cant we uninstall softwares from a MAC


Yes, it is possible. Most programs on Mac are fairly straightforward and in order to uninstall them you only need to follow a few simple steps (because most programs on Mac don’t run any hidden components other than the application itself). However, there are a couple of instances; mostly older applications that do add up extra folders, applications or plain simple corrupted old unnecessary files.

By moving the selected application to the Trash you often uninstall the selected program.

Still, in order to properly free up space and to remove some applications you need to go to both libraries in your Mac computer and do make it so. The Main Library is /Library and here you must remove any folders with the name of the program you want to uninstall. Sometimes there are some extra files found in the preferences which pertain to these.

The other library is in your home folder and you can reach it by going to ~/Library. Again, what you need to delete is the items and folders with the names and publishers of the programs you wish to fully remove.

There’s a chance that some of these files are hidden files. You have to proceed with caution and make sure these files were used by these programs and only by these programs alone and not your operative system or any other programs either currently installed or files that would be necessary for some future installs.

All in all, removing some software like this allows you not only to free more space but to have a cleaner and more organized hard drive.

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