Can’t view or edit files on my external hdd.

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I removed my existing windows OS and installed fedora by wiping an entire hard disk.

Now I want to view some files on my external hdd.

But I'm getting this serious error. It says that I don't have access to my files.

Do i have to login through root?

Please help!


This folder contents
 could not be displayed.
You do not have the
 permission necessary to view
 the contents of “Biologie”.

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Can’t view or edit files on my external hdd.


Dear Joseph,


The problem above occur because you just wipe out or erased  the entire system of the windows thus make your files and documents not displayed in your external HDD..

  •  If the problem persist in your operating system.

             Try to recover the FILES by he following steps below.

             Go to Control Panel.

             Click System and Restore.

             Then open Back up and Restore.

             Then click Recover system settings or your computer. You can also configure it to Set-up Backup.

             Just follow instruction on the steps given.

If the problem still occurs:

  • Try to start the windows in Safemode. You can do this by RESTARTING your computer.

             Press either TAB key, ESC key or DELETE key upon restart in order to boot from SAFEMODE. Then click it.

  • Another way also is to CHECK if the cable wire is plug properly or check if the cable is working.
  • Also plug the cable wire in the port of the back panel of your PC. This has a better access than front panel ports.

I hope this will help you recover the files in your External HDD.

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