Can’t utilize Outlook 2010 offline “Reply All”

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Once I am using on Outlook 2010 offline, I cannot utilize "Reply All" when I have an open email.  I can simple utilize "Reply" or "forward”. Anyone could suggest with me what should to do?

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Can’t utilize Outlook 2010 offline “Reply All”


Hello Amy Perez,

You will have to ensure that you are not working in the offline mode because that could be the cause of the problem. You can just click the 'work offline' button to go back online, and they you will need to connect to the server again by just clicking the 'connect to server' button.

You will have to click the manually the option for downloading messages for it to start for it may take quite some time to connect automatically.

Another thing that I will suggest you give a try is entering the email addresses of the recipients manually without using the CC fields and see that will help solve the issue.


Clair Charles


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Can’t utilize Outlook 2010 offline “Reply All”


That is not possible. You cannot perform a “Reply All” task if you are in offline mode in Microsoft Office Outlook. You have to switch Office Outlook back online. Office Outlook is flexible enough to make it work either online or offline. Your status bar will tell you if Office Outlook is online or offline.

In Office Outlook 2010, you normally see “Working Offline” in the status bar if the application went offline.

When Office Outlook is in offline mode, you cannot receive or send email until you reconnect. If Office Outlook went offline, try checking your internet connection. Try visiting a website on your browser to see if your internet connection is still active. If your internet connection is working, try reconnecting to the mail server to switch Office Outlook back online.

While in offline mode, click “Send/Receive”. You should see the “Work Offline” button is activated or highlighted.

When this button is highlighted, it means Office Outlook is currently in offline mode. To switch Office Outlook back online, click “Work Offline” to deactivate the button.

This should now return Office Outlook back online. See if this fixes the problem. In case this doesn’t work, restart Office Outlook and make sure your internet connection is working.

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