Can’t save an image downloaded from the internet

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I downloaded around 100 images from the internet. There were some images that I could not save because the system kept on popping-up a message stating that the file contains special characters. Upon checking the file names, no special characters were there.

I left the image and proceeded on to the next image. Then I went back to that image. I was surprised because I can save the image now without any error from the same file name, off course. Why did this happen?

A file name can’t contain any of the following characters: / : * ? “ < > |

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Can’t save an image downloaded from the internet

You are downloading many images for your work or other purpose. There could be many reasons for this problem. Many problems can happen when you download many images. It could be your browser problem. Browser sometimes cannot catch the image you wanted to download.
You can download and use another browser like Chrome, Opera etc. You can also upgrade your browser. Upgrading your software can download your images perfectly. You can also uninstall and reinstall your Firefox.
I think you have your answer.
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Can’t save an image downloaded from the internet

You can overcome this problem very easily. This is the problem: in your computer, you can't give a name to a file using the following characters:
  / : * ? “ < > |
When you are saving images from a website ( depend on the site specifications), the names of the images can be included above characters by default. In your computer, it's a rule that you are not allowed to give above character to rename a file.
Simply select the picture that you want to download and right click. Click on save image as, then save. Dialog box will appear ( as shown in your picture ) and rename your image before saving it. Just give any name excluding above characters.
Your problem is finished. Likewise, you can save any amount of picture from the internet. You don't need to uninstall or upgrade your browser to do this.

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