Can’t retrieve software information!!!! need help

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I have just started using fedora, and since then I have some problems like the one I had yesterday; when I access add/remove package and try to upgrade programs an error message appears.


Unable to retrieve software information
Unable to retrieve software information. This could be caused by not having a network connection available. But the case I’ve tested my connection and It ‘s working perfectly, so I’m tired of this. Would you help me dealing with this error?


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Can’t retrieve software information!!!! need help


Your system is trying to access the software's website to get the required information for upgrading the software, but it was unable to connect to the site. Maybe it is due to your internet connection.

Check if you have a live internet connection.

Try browsing some websites if you can access them. If you can visit some sites then maybe the problem here is the upgrade link that is provided by the software to access the particular address or url on the site.

Try downloading the program directly from the site instead and not through the add/remove package of your system.

It’s also the same.

After you have downloaded it, uninstall the previous version then install the latest version that you just downloaded earlier.

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Can’t retrieve software information!!!! need help


Hello Anter,

Your question is general that there could be a myriad of causes to your problem.  But let's go with the most obvious cause and assume that your PC's network connection is down.

1.  Check your network cables for any physical connection problems.

2.  If you are directly connected to the Internet, check that you have Internet access by launching your web browser and browsing the web.

3.  If you are using a proxy to connect to the Internet, verify that you have entered the correct IP address of your proxy server in the network setup of Fedora.

Since there appears to be a bug when you set the proxy through Gnome's proxy setting, you should add the following to the end of the "/home/myhomedir/.bash_profile" file:

# The Web proxy server used by this account
export http_proxy

You should specify the IP address and port of your proxy server in place of the "servername:port" above.

4.  It could be possible that the repository servers are down.  Try to access it again at a later time.

Hope this helps!

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