Can’t remove the virus named Horse

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Antivirus is so popular element for computer browser. I also use some antivirus but free version.

I always get the benefit from it, but a virus named horse in my pen drive don’t delete.

What can I do now? 

avast warning-A Trojan Horse Was Found


A Trojan Horse Was Found!
There is no reason to worry, though. avast! Has stopped the
Malware before it could enter your computer. When you click on the
“Abort connection ” button, the download of the dangerous file will
be canceled.
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Can’t remove the virus named Horse



This can occurs when the virus is already running a process in your system, in this case you can not delete it because Windows will protect running processes, a solution would be to kill the process that the virus is running and then trying to delete it.

So to kill the process you need to open the task manager, this can be done with the shortcut : CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE, then see the task that are running, what the odd once, then kill them, "ATTENTION:" if you are not sure of the task you are seeing try to Google before killing it: 

Hope this helps!!


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Can’t remove the virus named Horse


Seriously a few days ago we have seen a virus file into our computer via internet unfortunately we couldn't capable to delete the unwanted file from our computer still now. But you are telling that your PenDrive had been attacked by virus Horse you are unable to delete.

The image shows that you have been using for your free antivirus software. There was an avast warning you will find and take the necessary action to click on abort connection while you have been faced with attacked of virus through your computer. As you are apply antivirus you won.

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