Can’t Register my Windows 7 Home Edition OEM

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I have acquired new Windows 7 Home Edition OEM. I installed the operating system using the DVD ROM which is included on the bundle. I have bought the Windows 7 Home Edition OEM a few months ago and didn’t install it immediately. I finished installing all needed to be installed on the said installer.

Can't Register my Windows 7 Home Edition OEM.

My problem occurred when I was registering the OS. I can’t register over the internet. The installation tells me something like “the server is not available, please try again”. I am trying to register for the whole day but I’ve got no luck. I have no issue on my internet connection and compatibility to may hardware is good.

Now, I have only 30 days trial installed. I need your help immediately. I don’t have the phone to call the Microsoft Hotline and I leave in the province. It takes 12 hours to go to the store where I bought this software. I don’t think that this copy is counterfeited; I believed that this is authentic. Please help me out.

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Can’t Register my Windows 7 Home Edition OEM


Let’s find if your copy is genuine, on your bundle package, at the back of the case, you must find the Certificate of Authenticity or the COA. COA is the sticker attached at the back of your packaging, together with the Product Key label.

The COA has a security threads and on that label, there is a hole in the middle where the security thread was embedded just across the hole. Your CD must have also a hologram where the hologram is not a sticker. It is embedded on your installation disk. These are the few things to check if your copy is genuine. You may check the Microsoft Web site for this.

Let’s move on the solution, connecting to the server when registering your product requires Internet and phone. If you are not able to register your product via Internet, use the phone. In your case, I believed that your Internet is not the issue here, because Microsoft Server Is always available 24/7 and found that your computer is connecting to the Internet but it just happened that the server cannot be found.

Check your date and time, synchronize your date and time before connecting. We need to set our time correctly when connecting to a server so that proper certificate will be given to you. If your date and time is too far from the current date, the server will refuse your connection because of the security certificate issue. I am really sure that this is your problem.

If it not solved in this solution, better to contact your vendor.

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Can’t Register my Windows 7 Home Edition OEM

You might want to clarify your post as registering the software and activating it can be done separately. If after the installation process you are prompted to Activate and Register your copy of Windows, you can actually skip the Registration process as what is important is to activate your copy of Windows.
Now, if you are referring to the Activation of your Windows 7 Home Premium, instead of doing the activation Over the Internet, check if you can find the option for Phone Activation.
Obviously, as per assessment, you mentioned that you have installed the “30 day trial version” and I can tell that this problem is all about activating your Windows 7 Home Premium.
To activate:
1. Click Start>type: slui.exe 4 in the Search Programs and Files box>Enter.
2. If you have a window that will show you options on how to activate, please choose Phone Activation.
3. Select your location.
4. If you are prompted with typing your product key, click on change product key, type in your product key, and click update.
5. The next window should give you a toll free number to call with the Installation ID.
6. Call the number, follow voice instructions. If successful, you will be provided with a confirmation ID which you need to type in the Confirmation ID field.
7. Click next and your copy of windows should be activated.
Other ways to pull up activation window:
Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Activate Windows
For support, you can always contact Microsoft Support (1-800-936-5700).
For Windows 7 product activation: 1-888-725-1047 or refer to the activation window.

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