Can’t receive emails in Outlook

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I am using Windows XP home and use outlook express for email purpose. I am facing a problem that I can send mail to anyone but unable to receive the emails. My computer is connected with LAN and it did not show any error messages to me regarding connectivity.

While my emails are available on my email server. But I want to fix it and want check and organize my E-mails in Outlook express. Kindly tell me how to resolve the problem?

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Can’t receive emails in Outlook


Hi James Franklin,

Here's your issue: no error message pop-up but you cannot receive email. Sending works fine and you're able to check email messages on webmail and it works fine in server website. Here's the possible problem; Settings on Outlook Express for POP server, this needs to verify if you are using the correct server settings.

  1. Tools, Account Settings, View or Change Existing Email Accounts, Click on Accounts, Click Server Tab and verify Pop server information. Ask your Internet Service Provider for correct settings need to use. If POP server won't work, it usually has an error message but if none; username and password will be the message on the screen. It has an invalid credentials and it wont authenticate on server. To update your username and password, here are the steps;
  2. Tools, Account Settings.
  3. View or Existing Email Accounts, Accounts, Server Tab, update your username/password in the Account Information. This should take care of the issue.
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Can’t receive emails in Outlook



  • As the problem post suggest to re-configure or check the configuration of your Pop up mail server doesn't seem to be the problem, may be that there is some message in the web server itself cannot be downloaded by the outlook due to any reason can cause this problem,
  • So I suggest to visit you mail on web server and move all mails in inbox in a new folder to test something, then try to send mail to your self (set the receiver field to be your email address) and check if it reached in the outlook itself or not, if you find it then the problem will be solved and then you can filter the other mails as you can,

Hoping that my answer doesn't confuse you and fulfill you needs.

Best Regards,


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