Can’t play NFS most wanted.

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When ever i tried to play NFS most wanted on my AMD motherboard it fails,I can start the game normally and i can play also, but when i play for like half and hour my PC get stuck and it return to desktop, and i can't resume the game, i suspect this is as a VGA error since i have a on board VGA,

is this because of the VGA ? if yes what can i do to fix this ?

and my motherboard is AMD K7S41GX

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Can’t play NFS most wanted.


Your motherboard appears to be an ASRock K7S41GX with an SiS741GX chipset.

Here are a few tips on how you might be able to play longer on your PC:

  1. Update your NFS Most Wanted to patch 1.3. It's the latest and last patch for the game which fixes bugs and performance problems.
  2. hGet the latest video drivers for your onboard video.
  3. Set your game's video options to the lowest settings. If you find it stable then you may increase the settings gradually until you get the best balance of game performance and graphics quality.

If the above suggestions, still don't work for you, check if your system is getting too hot. Open your CPU chassis and point an electric fan on your motherboard while you are playing.

Hope this helps!

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Can’t play NFS most wanted.


Please check these points to see where the problem is:

  • Check your VGA drivers and make them up to date.
  • Check the system specifications with your game.
  • Check the game on another pc if it run fine on the other PC then you can change your VGA card.
  • Make sure that your VGA card contain enough memory to run this game for long time.
  • Check your PC virtual memory.
  • Check that your dxdiag is working properly. to make a video test follow these steps : go to START and then to RUN here type "dxdiag" and then press enter. After this go to the display tab and make all possible tests that are available.
  • After you make tests it will insure that your video card is working properly.
  • Change your dxdiag with a new version.

And i am sure you will be able to solve your problem.

Loise paul.

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