Can’t capture photos and record videos in my mobile phone (Nokia 3110c)

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Hello guys,

Every time I capture photos using my mobile phone  (Nokia 3110c), "Camera on standby" keeps showing up.

Same thing when I record videos.

It even tell me "Unable to save file". My memory card is not yet full. In fact, it has 960MB Free memory.  My battery is also fully charged. I've used this few days ago and it still working.

I just found out earlier that it's not working anymore. I haven't drop or fell down my phone so I'm really wondering why this is happening. Take a look at the screen shot below.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you. I'll be waiting for your comments and suggestions.



Camera on standby

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Can’t capture photos and record videos in my mobile phone (Nokia 3110c)


Hi Paul Arciosa,

This problem in 3110c is common these days. It is not due to the low battery or any memory card issue. You can insure this by removing the memory card from the slot.

The message will continue to appear on the screen even after the memory card is ejected. This is the problem that appears as a result of firmware malfunction. You are recommended to do the following steps in order to get rid of this problem.

*(Make sure to backup your personal data *contacts, messages, calendar entries, notes etc* because the following procedure will delete the user data)*

  • First you need to make sure your battery is full so that during the reset process it will not show the low battery signal.
  • Turn the phone off and while the phone is off press ( * + 3 + Green dial button ) simultaneously. Keep pressing 3 buttons and turn the phone on by pressing the phone switch button. This may take some time to format your user data. After booting the phone try to capture a picture.
  • If the problem persists then it is a problem with your firmware. There are other online solutions available through which you can flash your phone yourself. But I recommend you get your phone flashed with the Nokia care center.


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Can’t capture photos and record videos in my mobile phone (Nokia 3110c)


Hi Paul,

Although your memory card is not full, I strongly suspect the problem is being caused by shortage of memory on your phone. Some phones have their default location for saving the pictures as the phone memory so you have manually change it so that the pictures you take are saved on the memory card and not the phone memory.

Otherwise I will suggest that you connect your phone, using a USB cable, to a computer and format the memory card just in case it may be having a virus that is taking up space hence hindering you from using it.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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