Canon MP250 series printer, error 5200

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Hi guys

I just purchased the Canon MP 250 series printer and installed it successfully. Now the problem is that whenever I try to print something, it results in an error 5200 and wont print. The screenshot of the error is as follows:

I followed the instructions written in this box, but still the same error persists.

The error says:

Error Number : 5200

A printer error has occurred.

Turn the printer off and then on again.

If this doesn’t clear the error, see the user’s

guide for more detail.

Can anyone please tell me what this error is and how can I get rid of this error? Any help will be highly appreciated. Waiting for your suggestions



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Canon MP250 series printer, error 5200


This error is that your waste ink is full.

Reset the printer. Press the reset button and hold it while it's off, like an old NES. Then, turn it on and press the reset button twice.

This will bring it into maintenance mode – Here you can reset your waste ink pad. Do that (just follow the instructions) and then press the reset button 4 times. Turn your printer on and off again, and you'll be back in business.

Odom  Vemus


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Canon MP250 series printer, error 5200


Here’s how to fix error 5200 on Canon printer. First, turn off your printer. Press and hold the “Stop” button then wait about two seconds. After this, press and hold the “On” button and then release the “Stop” button. Press the “Stop” button five times and then release together with the “On” button. You should see the LCD go blank and resets.

Your computer should detect new hardware after this but just ignore it. Turn off the printer then remove the cartridges and clean the heads. After this, install the cartridges back and turn the printer on. See if this works.

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