Cannot Verify your Connection Information with Contribute

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I am having issues on setting up connection to my website through Local / Network option. The website is under Windows 2003 server while Contribute is in the other server. These two machines are networked with admin access. However,  I am receiving error. I already mapped the shared network to the local drive. How can I fix this?

Contribute cannot verify your connection information. /public_html/

Please contact your administrator for assistance.



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Cannot Verify your Connection Information with Contribute


A Contribute verifies your connection by uploading a test file to the directory which you have provided and then download this via the URL that you provide. Now, if the contribute correctly retrieves your test page then there’s no problem but if it fails to retrieve the file this means contribute fails to retrieve the exact file. There may be many reasons for this.

Check that the URL and the FTP path that you provided is correct. Try to upload your test file using different FTP tool and check if it runs successfully.

The Contribute may upload the file and then try to download this via HTTP server. But the server fails to recognise the test file.

Contribute try to upload the test file and downloads this. But, the web server lacks permissions to read this file and shows an error ‘access denied’.

Hope this may help you.

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