Cannot Update my iPhoto Application

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I am using ‘iPhone 4S’ and I need to use the ‘iCloud’ option. But it demands ‘iPhoto 9.2’ in the ‘Macbook’. I am having ‘iPhoto 11 9.1.1’. When I have tried to update I failed miserably as it is not applying to the system.

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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Cannot Update my iPhoto Application


Make sure that the is at the top-level of /applications (Applications Folder) and not under its subfolders. Example you have it at  /application/photo. Since it is under the lower level of application, usual issues suggests that you find it hard to upgrade and seldom results to error.

Try this: Move at a top level of /application (move your Iphoto back to the applications folder) and then open the older Iphoto application. Now you can use the Update menu. It will open the software updates and it will now download the upgrade installer.  Hope this helps

Loida Arcel

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