Cannot setup Windows XP sp2

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I have a Celeron PC with 2 GB RAM. Recently my PC was attacked by malware and it was unable to use at all. So I decided to format the drives and reinstall the OS. But when I tried to install windows XP SP2, it says, "Please Insert correct CD-ROM".

What do I do now?

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Cannot setup Windows XP sp2


Good Day Ian,

First, you need to enter in the BIOS / CMOS setup by pressing DELETE or F2 key and look for the boot sequence to set your CD/DVD-ROM drive as first boot device then you may proceed and follow the instructions below:

1. When the computer starts to boot up, you must put your installer (Windows XP) in your optical drive. The computer will automatically detect the installer. Press ENTER key to proceed to installation when you see this caption "Press any key to
Boot from CD".

2. On Windows Setup screen, you will have the following options: new installation, repair previous installation, and quit.
Press ENTER key for new installation of Windows then accept End User Licensing Agreement by pressing F8 key.

3. This step is essential, please pay attention or read carefully the choices given by the Windows wizard. You will need to delete your old partition to install and copy new Windows XP to your hard disk. After deleting the partition, create a new partition. On the wizard screen you will see the following below:
Partition listed: Partition1 (Drive C:) unformatted (Windows will be installed here)
Partition2 (Drive D:) unformatted
8MB of unpartitioned space

4. Select Partition 1 and press Enter. On the wizard screen you will see the following:

  •  Choose format the partition using NTFS file system (select this please)
  •  Choose format the partition using quick NTFS format

Wait to complete this procedure, it will format and copy the setup files to your hard disk. After the setup has completed the computer will restart. Do not remove the installer CD and do not press any key because the setup will continue to wizard screen.

5. Read carefully and follow the Windows Setup Wizard, just click NEXT button to proceed to another page.

  • Choose your region and language then click next button.
  • Type in your name and organization then click next button.
  •  Enter your product key.
  • Enter the date and time.
  • For the network setting choose typical and press next button.

The computer will restart again, after completing these steps you will see the following:

  • Welcome screen, just click NEXT button.
  • Thank you screen, just click FINISH button.

6. You will Log in to your user account for the first time and start installing or configuring other devices to your computer. Kindly check the device manager: click start menu, right click My Computer, click Properties, select Hardware tab then click on Device Manager. If there is the yellow exclamation icon next to any of the listed devices, it means that no drivers has been installed for that device. You must know the hardware manufacturer's name, device and model so that you can download the drivers.


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Cannot setup Windows XP sp2


Good day,

Maybe your copy of windows is pirated or not licensed although,Try to Update it. 
Jacksonn Maria

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