Cannot Setup: Install or SETUP program filename holds folder information

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I need to know an answer. Please help. The WinZip Unzip as well as Install characteristic is a easy, "implied extract" procedure for software applications spread in WinZip files.

This characteristic is accessible when WinZip notices the incidence of a file named SETUP.EXE or INSTALL.EXE.

When tried to invoke on a WinZip file holding a known setup process, then the Install and Unzip feature produces a temporary subfolder in the consumer's %TMP% folder, and also extracts every single files in the store to that temporary place, as well as stored path data, then starts the install program from that temporary place.

If the INSTALL or SETUP performable is itself stored inside the WinZip file, then the following error message is displayed in WinZip. Need a solution.

Error: Cannot Install


Cannot Install SETUP or INSTALL program filename contains folder information. Use Unzip and Try (Tools tab) instead.

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Cannot Setup: Install or SETUP program filename holds folder information




The cause of this issue is that the Unzip and Install feature  has the ability to only run a setup.exe file directly from the root of the temp subfolder it created.

To solve this issue.  Find the Checkout on Actions menu and click it.  this is equivalent to Unzip and try button on the tools tab. Do this if the WinZip is configured to use legacy menus or toolbar interface. otherwise just go to tools and click Unzip and try.

After you have unzipped the file. Install the software.

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Loida Arcel

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