Cannot Send Outgoing Mail in Exchange 2003 Server

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I am having trouble with my Exchange 2003 server. It is currently being set up with a new ISP. For now we are able to only receive mail, but can’t send any out. Whenever I telnet to the mail server from outside I receive the 220 message report “Servername.Domain” instead of the usual “”. I have tried configuring this entry in the Systems Manager to no avail. Kindly help me, I am running out of ideas.

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Cannot Send Outgoing Mail in Exchange 2003 Server

You have to confirm first that which side is causing the error. Your exchange 2003 server or the new ISP on which you currently setup your system. However in both possibilities there are few possible situations that you can think of. They are as follows.
1st Condition
There might be a chance that the computer that you are using is not allowed to relay the mail that you are trying to send. Maybe the check box for allow all computers is not checked and you need to do it.
2nd Condition
There might be possibility that anyone else who tries to access the SMTP server is disabled and you are accessing it from an anonymous computer. There is a checkbox for it too and you need to check it.
3rd Condition
There can be the chance that the DNS is not configured correctly and that you are attempting to form a connection from an incoming SMTP which is not correctly setup.
4th Condition
The proxies that you are using does not match the recipient proxies.
5th Condition
If there are additional checks on the server so it needs further more information about the authentication to be done on the destined server.
6th Condition
If somehow you are using the server 2000 SMPT protocol there might be a possibility that the rules are not being updated and that you need to update them.

If any of the above case applies in your scenario then go to this link for full detail.

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