Cannot open c:test7z as archive

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Hi guys, I am at work adding add-ons to our company application, since the add-on files are compressed using 7zip, I extract the files using 7zip, I did not succeed in extracting the files, I meet an error, the error message tells me that it cannot open the extracted file, I include the screen shot of the error below.


Can not open c:test7z as archive

As I analyzed the error, it is pointing to the file that I want to extract, so I try to extract other file for the sake of problem isolation, same error message appeared, I scan my computer for some virus that might infect my files, but no virus was found, I restarted my computer, and try again to extract the same files, same error appeared, please share some ideas on solving my problem, thanks in advance.

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Cannot open c:test7z as archive


Dear Mikeallway

There are two causes for this error and you will check step by step.

  1. It’s possible that virus infected these archive files and 7 zip unable to extract that corrupted / infected files. (You should thoroughly scan your system through updated antivirus and also scan archives files repeat thoroughly scan not normal scan)
  2.  It’s possible that your 7 zip software has been corrupt and unable to extract said archives. (Uninstall and re-install your 7 zip and try again)

Other solution:

Try to extract these files on some other computer using 7 zip, if these files extract successfully then problem in your 7 zip. If problem are the same then virus is confirm.


Take care


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