Cannot install Java on Windows Vista PC

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I am running Windows Vista on my five desktop PC even though this is my most hated OS due to numerous issues that I recently encountered.

When I am trying to update it, I successfully installed Java on four machines but I was unable to install it on the remaining one.

I don’t know where I start finding the problem since all of them were closely similar to each other.

I have searched on Google for the solution and used Java as help resources online yet the outcomes coming from Java and Microsoft websites don’t fix the problem.

After I tried to uninstall the old Java entry, I can’t get the newest downloaded file to work into my desktops nor the desktop copy of downloaded files offered as the alternative for that said error code.

Does anyone know some sites that have solutions that are relevant to my problem?

Or can anyone help me on how to fix this kind of problem?

I just find a log entry recently but I can’t comprehend it at all.

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Cannot install Java on Windows Vista PC


It is true that Windows Vista has many issues when comes to application or software compatibility.

That’s why I am still not using it and sticking with Windows XP for a much wider driver and program support. If you are unable to run or install the java application on a particular and remaining machine while all other computers were successfully installed, maybe there is a problem with the computer’s file system or the hard drive’s file structures.

If the hard drive already accumulates too much data error, it is more likely that there are applications that won’t run or will not function properly as before.

Check your hard drive using a disk utility application or just use Windows disk check tool.

  1. Right click on drive C and then select Properties.
  2. Click Tools tab.
  3. Click Check Now.
  4. Check the option Automatically fix file system errors.
  5. Click Start.

Try the application again after the disk check. If the problem was not fixed, uninstall it and then install it back afterwards.

If still nothing happened, the only solution left is to format your hard drive and install Windows Vista again.

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