Cannot install any Operating System in my Hard drive

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I have a Seagate Barracuda 40 GB IDE Hard Drive, I decided to re-install my operating system from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Ultimate. During the installation an error appears (see image below). So I try reinstalling the Windows 7 Ultimate again, to check if the same problem will occur, well the same problem occurs.

So I decided to go back to my previous operating system windows XP Pro and an error appears that a hard drive problem similar to the error during Windows 7 Ultimate installation.

I also tried installing Linux Ubuntu and the same hard drive problem appears. Even Wins 98 SE cannot be installed in the hard drive.

I just don’t get it, no other hard drive is connected, master jumper is in place, and last month I can still install OS in the hard drive.

What seems to be the problem?

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Cannot install any Operating System in my Hard drive


Dear if you have no important data stored on that hard drive, then format it, even if you already formatted it, but in a different way..

First of all, check system drive (usually 100MB), delete or format it and then using Win XP genuine CD/DVD, delete all partitions and create new partitions by selecting "Format using NTFS file system" but remember that you don't select "quick" option. Through this option, all recoverable bad sectors will be recovered by Win XP, or if you don't want to format or delete all h.disk partitions, then only format system partition of 100 MB and format primary partition without using quick option in XP setup.

If this does not work or you already did it but failed, try again, else any "reinsert" hard drive and confirm that IDE cable is working properly, and is appearing in the motherboard settings.

One more option is available, change jumper to "cable select" or "slave" and attach the hard drive to any other computer which is working properly, but do not eject that computer's Run computer, if drives appear in My Computer, then format them there.

If the problem still exists,  then your hard drive has expired.

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Cannot install any Operating System in my Hard drive


Hi Recon,

Usual problems with this error is the setup of your HD in BIOS. Can you tell us, what type of computer you have? Are you running RAID?  In case you are running Raid, there could be a problem with that, when you install Windows 7, the driver from Windows 7 might not work with the raid configuration you have.

Please see the screen shot of BIOS, but I don't know what BIOS you are having, but check what should be configured from my example.

Try these steps:

1. Reboot your PC, go to your BIOS either pressing  "del " or ALT+ I for some computers.

2. Check your raid configuration, if you are not using raid, just disable it or if you are indeed running raid, try using mirror instead of striping.

3. Make sure you also set the boot sequence to 1st-CD/DVD ROM, 2nd-CD / DVD ROM, this will bypass HD and will have a smooth installation for Windows 7.

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Cannot install any Operating System in my Hard drive


Recon Hi,

Let's try to figure out your problem.  First of all, please tell me about your partition of the hard disk ? Before you begin installation you need to have NTFS file system formatted  partition in your hard disk. FAT32 file system are not supported for the higher version of Windows operating systems.  For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and for Windows Server 2008 versions, you need to have NTFS file system to install Windows.  

For a FAT32 partition, you can convert it into a NTFS partition by using Convert.exe command.  You can simply remove your hard disk from the computer and then attach it into another computer and convert your partition into NTFS file system

If it is not the problem, just try to follow the method.

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Cannot install any Operating System in my Hard drive


You hard drive is most likely going bad or is already defective and you may need to purchase a new hard drive. If you have another system or if you have a friend who has a computer, try and set your hard drive as a slave drive.

Then have the other machine run a hard drive diagnostics program to try and make certain that your hard drive is indeed having problem.

Try and format the slave drive (your hard drive) and see if it goes through, if it’s still having problems, then it may be time for you to scout for replacement hard drives.

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