Cannot find a bootable device.

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I have turned on my Desktop computer two days back. I was deeply frustrated on what it did to me. I was hoping to finish up an important assignment but it said that no bootable device is found.

I consulted a local technician over the phone. He said that it could be a hardware problem, that the hard disk would have been dead. So I need to replace it. And one of my friends said something about, the boot priority, but I was not able to understand that.
So that’s the reason I am here, looking forward for your greatest help. I need this computer to be recovered immediately. So please mind, to help me. Would be more thankful if you would do me this help.
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Cannot find a bootable device.


Hello Miss Carter,

Don’t worry, you may finish up the assignments on time. I will help you to fix this problem.

As the Technician said there are some chances for this to be a hardware problem, at the same time this could also be because of some settings in the BIOS page. So let me guide you towards BIOS page .

  • Restart your Computer .On the time when it is restarting start tapping F2 or F8 or Fn+Esc.

Since every manufacturer sets the key differently to access the BIOS, checkout which key is assigned to your computer brand?

When you are onto a blue screen, with lots of text, that is when you are onto a BIOS screen. In that use the Keyboard to navigate and select Boot at the Top. Below that, check out what is the device assigned in the boot priority 1. If it is the Hard Disk Leave it. If not, then change the boot priority 1 to Hard Disk and then Hit F10 key to save and Exit.

  • Now you may notice that your computer restarts automatically.
  • Check out whether it works after changing the boot sequence to Hard Disk. If yes, that’s great. If not, if you say that I haven’t seen the Hard Disk detected then you need to try removing the Hard Disk and reconnect it properly.
  • Sometimes with the Desktop computer this troubleshooting works that caused by a lost connection. But make sure whether you can do it by yourself before opening the system panel. You can also download some pictures on how to remove and reconnect the Hard Drive from Computer with Picture Descriptions that better helps you.
  • Even after reconnecting the Hard Drive or if you say that you are not ready to remove and reconnect the hard drive, then you need to contact a qualified technician authorized for that brand computer to help you fix the problem. At most if the problem is with the Hard drive, there are many chances that you need to replace it.
  • You can also ask the technician for help to take a data backup from that.

So hope that my post would have been of some use for you. Have a great day .


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Cannot find a bootable device.


Thank you Mitchelle, for your great help.

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