Error deleting files and folders on my hard drive

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Hi all,

Our company is implementing that  every six month our hard drive must be sanitized from useless files to maintain a good hard drive space.

On my process of deleting some files, I encountered an error, that said cannot read the source file or disk.

Error Deleting File or Folder

Cannot delete File: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

What I did, I first checked if someone was using the files that maybe locked for deletion, none was using it.

So I also checked if the file is protected by our application, it is not. I also scanned my computer for some virus that might use that file, none was found.

So I restarted my computer in the hope it will just be some glitz, but same thing happened.

I can not delete the file, please share some thought on why I cant delete the file.

Thank you.

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Error deleting files and folders on my hard drive


Dear Mikeallway,

I have also faced this problem few years ago. So, I am writing the same that I was suggested then.

Please do the following steps as I say and hope you can delete any folder or application.

  1. If this is an application, then it is easy. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at a time to  open ‘Windows Task Manager.’
  2. Click on the process tab and select your application.
  3. Right click on your application and select end process and a dialog box will be opened. Select ok.
  4. Now close your application normally. In windows seven, this problem solution is much easier.
  5. Now, If this is a folder, then it is obvious that it is because of virus.
  6. Go to your safe mood window and delete the folder.
  7. If the folder still there, download a licensed antivirus program and scan thoroughly. Before scan, your antivirus program should be updated.

Thank you


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Error deleting files and folders on my hard drive



  • May i know what file it is? maybe its a system file like a Virtual Memory (you can delete it but it may cause harm to your OS), Anyhow you could use a program that can delete a Locked down folder or file.
  • Introducing the unlocker tool you can download it here:
  • After you downloaded it ,go to the file/folder you want to unlock
  • Right click on it and select the unlocker tool
  • Congratulations! you are now able to unlock that file/folder now try Deleting it. (the primarily cause of a file that is being locked out is that it is currently running on your system)
  • Note: Please be advised on my note above, also before deleting a certain file Google it First

Thank you!

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