Cannot connect to Secured WirelessNetwork

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Some days back I have installed Windows 7 on my computer. Before that I had Windows XP on it. After installing Windows 7, I made sure everything, including my wireless network works fine with it. But after some days I found that my computer was not able to connect to my router. It is able to connect to all the other unsecured networks and to say I am a good time user of the computer, but not too technically sound in troubleshooting it.

So could anyone provide me a solution please?

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Cannot connect to Secured WirelessNetwork


I too have faced the same problem with my laptop, some months back and I tried a lot to solve the problem. Then one of my friends provided me the troubleshooting steps, which he said would fix the problem for sure. So I too followed the steps and it has done wonders by solving the wireless problem, that I had. So right now let me tell you the same Troubleshooting steps, hoping that it would solve the wireless problem for you too.

First make sure the latest drivers are updated and basically check that the drivers are installed properly. If not go ahead and install it.

Checkout whether the Network Discovery is turned on for the computer to scan for the networks.

As recommended by Microsoft Disable the DHCP Broadcast Flag.

Also try to check out if the following are available in startup services, where that needs to be turned on at the time the system is turned on. (DNS Client, Function Discovery Provider Host, Function Discovery Resource Publication, Peer Networking Grouping, Home Group Provider, Home Group Listener, SSDP Discovery, UPnP Device Host).

The actual solution that worked out for me is, By Changing the Network Name. If it’s a name provided by the Internet Service provider, then the name of the network is called SSID.

When the router is provided by the Internet Service provider, then you may need to contact the ISP in order to help you set up the new SSID and also change the WEP or WPA Encryption settings. This will not be available with us be most of the time.

Or if you have the settings, then you may go to Control Panel and then to Network Sharing in order to view the Wireless router of yours and try to change the WPA Encryption. Then Windows needs to be configured for the new settings and then you also need to enter in, the Encryption Key to connect with the new connection. 

Try the steps I have mentioned here. Surely it may work out.

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Cannot connect to Secured WirelessNetwork


Hey thank you Richard. It worked. Thanks for your time.

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