Cannot connect to my Coldfusion server

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My ColdFusion connection problem started after I updated my Windows XP and installed SQL Server 2005. I created a new database, but I can't get a validation when I tried to go to Administrative Tools and establish an ODBC connection.

I got the following error:

Connection verification failed for data source: XXXX java.sql.SQLException: [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Error establishing socket. Connection refused: connect. The root cause was that: java.sql.SQLException: [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Error establishing socket. Connection refused: connect

I've been trying to work on this for hours and just receiving from forums answers that don't work.

Please let me know how you can make it.


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Cannot connect to my Coldfusion server


To be able to connect ColdFusion to SQL Server,  you must check its settings.

The CF Data Source Name: this is where the ColdFusion connects to the data source.

The Database: where the connection of database takes place,

Server (name): this will host the database that you will use.

ThePort:  this is the TCP/IP port that is monitored by the server.

Username: the name that is used by ColdFusion through JDBC driver that is needed to connect to data source.

 Password: the password that is used by ColdFusion through JDBC driver that is needed to connect to data source.

Description: this can be used for the connection’s description.

The Connection String: this is the parameter that is used by the database.

Select Method: this is used for queries (SQL), under this is the “Direct method” which limits the SQL server connection, the “Cursor method” which allows you to have numerous SQL connections.

Limit Connections: this is where you limit your database connection, when you use this connection; specify the maximum connection by using the Restrict Connections.

Restrict Connections To: this is where you allow numerous database connection. When you use this connection, you must select the Limit Connection option.

Maintain Connections: this will improve the connection performance.

String Format: only use this option if you are using Unicode data types like nchar (National Character)

Max Pooled Statements, Timeout in min: used by the ColdFusion before destroying the connection

Interval in min:  this is where it waits before it checks the connection for closing it.

Disable Connections: if enable, it will close all the connections of client.

Login Timeout: a time where the ColdFusion waits for the connection login attempt.

CLOB: the database BLOB or Image columns that will be return.

Long Text Buffer: this is the buffer size where 64000 bytes is the default when CLOB is not selected.

BLOB buffer: the default is 64000 bytes when BLOB is not chosen.

Allowed SQL: the interaction between the data source,

Validation Query:  this will slow the response of the query when a connection is reused. You must remove the query validation to avoid loss in the performance.

Here is the guide in troubleshooting the connection of SQL Server:

1. If you use a server name instead of the default name when you installed the SQL server, your domainserver name must be  used.
2. If SQL Server is under authentication information, be sure not to use username and password in the data source.
3. SQL Server with a limited connection but the TCP/IP connection request is beyond its limit.
4. Disabled TCP/IP connection from the SQL Server.
5. If you are having difficulties in connection, try to use the authentication in mixed-mode for the Server.

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