Cannot access faceBook on netbook.

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Why do I cannot access my Facebook account on a netbook?

My internet connection is good and i can subscribe to any other websites but cannot on Facebook.

Can anyone help me on this?

Thank you so much

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Cannot access faceBook on netbook.



The problem you are facing is may be of firewall or Administrative block let work on it together.

1st check browsers which is you using?

Facebook always recommend that use IE 8, Safari 4 or Fire Fox 3. If You are not using these try install them and then access your Facebook. if the problem persist lets do something else in firewall.

Many anti-virus programs firewall enabled by default because it helps you keeping protected you from viruses. but sometimes also don't give you access to which you want. Maybe firewall is limiting you to get access in Facebook so try this maybe it could help you. Go to control panel and click on security settings it will open firewall.

Change the settings make it permissible.

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Cannot access faceBook on netbook.


The first thing you should do is to clear all your cookies and cache. The way to do this depends on the browser:

  • On Chrome you should click in the upper right button. Point to History and click. Click on Clear Browsing Data at the top of the screen. Select the option to clear cache and also for cookies. Select "Obliterate all items from the beginning of time".Then select "clear all browsing data".
  •  On Internet Explorer, press ctrl+shift+del and select temporary internet files and cookies. Click on OK.
  • On Firefox, click the firefox button at the upper-left of the window. Click on history. Change time range to "everything". Click on "Clear Now".

If this still doesn't work, you probably have a problem with your ISP or DNS server. You should try to connect using another ISP by going to your local coffee shop. If you can access Facebook using a different connection then that means that your ISP or their DNS is to blame.

Go to your local ISP office to have them reconfigure your connection if that is the case.

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