Can you suggest a fat USB recovery solution?

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I accidentally lost my data in my USB from a FAT formatted partition.

Do you know any fat USB recovery solution?

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Can you suggest a fat USB recovery solution?



It takes just 5 steps to recover your data.

First you need to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Here is the link– 

Step 1,

Start the software and click on "Complete Recovery" module.

Step 2,

Now select "Search all lost files automatically" option to recover all your lost data. And select "Ignore bad sectors" to ignore bad sectors while scanning.

Step 3,

Now select the USB device that was formatted and click next to start searching.

Step 4,

After this scanning is done it will let you choose 4 volumes to recover the data. Then Click next.

Step 5,

Then select the file you want to recover and click next, then select a target directory to save your recovered data and click next again.

That's it!

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Can you suggest a fat USB recovery solution?


Most of the data recovery tools are the same as long as the file system used on your media is supported you can be sure of its recovery. And recovery of the data still depends on the status or condition of the files or the storage media. Like for example in your case, the problem is with your USB flash drive.

The percentage of recovery still depends on the condition of the flash drive including the files inside. If the flash drive has already problems in the file system like for example, cross-linked files, bad sector, or bad block, then the chance of recovery is not great.

The best recovery tool I’ve used is the Ontrack® EasyRecovery. The version I have is already very old and is a freeware actually but it’s the best. You will see your entire hard drive is being scanned and you can also adjust the intensity or depth of the scan. I am always amazed every time I use it because all the files I’ve already deleted months ago still appear in the result.

You can also see the status or condition of each file so you can be aware of the chance of its recovery. To try recover your USB flash drive, download the trial version.

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Can you suggest a fat USB recovery solution?


Great content friends.

Talka Elliot, your solution was good but Sharath when I read your comment, my attention was drawn to your awesome and simple solution about a nice recovery tool which is known as Ontrack® EasyRecovery.

The Ontrack EasyRecovery software gave me a comprehensive solution at an affordable price.

After downloading this from your provided link, I was surprised by its activities that could recover the deleted data again.

With your helping hand, I was able to recover my USB flash drive.

Thanks Sharath for attaching this magical post.

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