Can you install MS Office in Linux OS?

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In Linux OS, it is close to impossible to install Microsoft Office. (If you persist, you can install it using Wine.)

With that said, how can you accomplish installing MS Office in Linux? Is that even possible without using third-party software? I would like to be able to open MS Office documents on Linux. Any ideas?

Need your help. Thanks.

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Can you install MS Office in Linux OS?


Hello Julie,

I'm a bit confused on whether your question is how to install MS Office in Linux or if your concern is opening MS Office documents in Linux.

If you are asking if it is possible to install MS Office in Linux without Wine or any third-party tool then the definite answer is "No, you cannot".  Without going into the technicalities of why it is not possible, a quick look at Microsoft's website shows that Microsoft's Office products do not list Linux as a supported operating system.  If the difficulty of using Wine to install MS Office is a big problem for you, then you could try "PlayOnLinux".  It is based on Wine but it greatly simplifies the process of installation for those who do not have Linux expertise.

If your concern is opening MS Office documents only, then OpenOffice or LibreOffice are more than capable of opening and editing MS Office documents.

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Can you install MS Office in Linux OS?


Hi , Julie hope the following steps will guide you in installation of MS Office in LINUX Operating System..:

  • First Install the Wine
  • Select the Applications->Select Wine->Configure Wine then the Wine Configuration dialog box will be opened.
  • Select the Windows Version as of type Windows Vista using the Applications Tab
  • Now you Override the 2 dll files which are " rpcrt4.dll & msxml3.dll "  from the Libraries tab and then you download the " rpcrt4.dll "

file by saving it in the system.

  • Now access the c:drive from Wine menu
  • Now Delete the " rpcrt4.dll & msxml3.dll "  files which will be present in Windows/System32 directory and then copy "the  rpcrt4.dll " file into the Windows/System32 directory.
  • Download and install the msxml3.msi file from the terminal window.
  • Install setup.exe file manually from your MS Office 2007 installation CD and if this does not work then just type the wine setup.exe by using the Terminal window.
  • Follow the normal ways and then installation will be successful.

Thank you..:-)

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Can you install MS Office in Linux OS?


Your answers greatly helped me. I guess it's not possible to install a third-party software for MS Office. With the two options you've given me, I tried out "play on linux" since it's easier to install. And, it actually worked. I got to install MS Office through this software and view MS docs.

Thank you very much to you and to techyv! 

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