Can viruses block installing Smartphone devices

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Hi dear friends,

I have a Samsung galaxy ace s 5830 smart phone. While connecting into my PC.

Windows recognizes the device, but I can not synchronize with my PC .

Is it happening due to viruses are preventing to run the drivers and utility programs, or there is something wrong with USB android Samsung ace device installer?

If someone can help me with that issue , I am glad .

Thank you

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Can viruses block installing Smartphone devices


Hi Robert,

Please try the following solutions one by one, I hope they will help you in solving your problem.

1. Restore your phone to factory settings, make sure to back up your important data prior to restoring your phone.

2. Scan your PC with a good registered anti malware software like Norton to confirm it is free of any viruses.

3. Scan your smart phone with a registered anti virus software.

4. Now again attach your phone and try to synchronize it with your computer.

5. If you are still unable to synchronize it then replace your Samsung USB cable and try again, most probably it will work.

Thank You,

Jackson William.

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Can viruses block installing Smartphone devices



How are you, first of all remove USB device from your P.C and remove/un-install all software's that you have installed to connect your Galaxy ace s 5830 smart phone and again re-install all software's and update them.

When all software's install and update connect your phone with your p.c. it will solve your problem.

Thank you

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Can viruses block installing Smartphone devices


Hi Robert

First you need to know about synchronization. Synchronization is only possible when your connection from your PC to Samsung Device is in full duplex mode(data can transfer both way, from PC to Device and Device to PC).

There may be possibilities of virus in your PC. I will recommend you to scan your PC with MalwareBytes AntiMalware, which can be downloaded here

Other thing If your PC is recognizing your Samsung device then it means your USB cable, by which you are trying to connect is working properly.

Now the question is; Why synchronization is not possible. It may be due to following possible errors.

1. Either you are trying to make illegal connection such as the selected connection type on your Samsung device does not support synchronization (Mass storage mode, Image Transfer etc).

2. Your Kies software may be corrupted (if using). Otherwise try to synchronize using Kies software.

3. If your Kies is working properly then try to reinstalling your Kies. Also check your device manager to detect devices of which drivers need to be installed(Modem of your Samsung device etc)

Hope your problem would be solved.

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