Can’t re-install Nero 7 on Windows 7

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I currently work in an IT department in an education facility in which we run Nero 7(with a license). One of the educators had Nero on her machine but she was having problems so I formatted her PC and did a clean install of Windows 7 (32bit) and am re-installing all of the programs, as far as I am aware Nero worked before.

The problem arises about 75% through the installation when I get the following message.  I know it is not the disc or the program because I have installed it before on numerous machines without a hitch.


According to the windows log file it is either msiexec.exe or NMTVservices.dll

I have tried installing it lots of times but the same error always occurs.

Some of the message boards suggested I run as administrator which makes no difference. The program has all the necessary license right. Other posts suggested it might be conflicting with K-Lite coded pack but that is not installed.

Even the Nero General Clean Tool crashed! I just get an error message saying "Nero Clean Tool has stopped working." After rebooting I got the following message a bunch of times:


Fatal Error:

Installation corrupted – please reinstall NERO


We desperately need this to work, any ideas what is going on here?

I know that Nero 7 is no longer officially supported but we have a campus license so for better or worse we are stuck with it! 

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Can’t re-install Nero 7 on Windows 7


Hi Hector,

                If the log says that the problem is the MSIEXEC.exe you may want to reregister it and check if you have the updated version. You may also want to see if the service for MSI is running and not on a stopping service status. If you have already used the NERO clean up tool you can try using REVO uninstaller however you have to be cautious when using this application.

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