Can’t open this program (.NET Framework installation)

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I have installed a program successfully and then tried to run it.

But then I got an error message.

Here it is:

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Can’t open this program (.NET Framework installation)



If you can be specific about the application you tried to open I could say the exact registry key that you need to get rid of in order to work well. As an other alternative I suggest installing the following .Net version and it should resolve the issue as well.

Note that If you already have installed an old version of . NET Framework, then you must uninstall it using add/remove programs option in the control panel and then run this new installation.

Re-start the machine

Now open the application and the error you got earlier should be gone!

Hope this helps!! Good Luck!

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Can’t open this program (.NET Framework installation)


Normally, when you install a program that requires Microsoft .NET Framework, you will not be able to run it unless you install Microsoft .NET Framework. Or, if you already have it but not the correct version, the software itself will prompt you that you have an unsupported version of Microsoft .NET Framework and that you need to install a specific version of.NET to make the program work.

But sometimes these things don’t happen and the program will just quit or throw an error like the one you have. In this case, it is better to check the program’s system requirements again to verify the required version of Microsoft .NET Framework. If you need .NET Framework 4, go to Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Standalone.

If you need .NET Framework 4.6, go to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 to download. If you need .NET 3.5, go to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. In case you already have one of these, try reinstalling Microsoft .NET Framework. Also, before downloading .NET Framework, check if it’s compatible with your operating system.

Another possible reason for this is that you are installing an incompatible version of Microsoft .NET Framework that doesn’t support your operating system.

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