Can’t load any game in my computer

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I have tried to load a game from the internet and wasn’t successful at loading it even to my computer. 

It however executed the following error message:


ReadFile beyond EOF 0+4/0 for file C:Program Files (x86)2k GamesBorderlandsBinaries..WillowGameCookedPCRShaderCache- PC – SM3.upk

RaiseException0 Address = 0x7774b727 (filename not found) [in C:Windowssyswow64KERNELBASE.dlI]

CThrowException0 Address = 0x6dc0db (filename not found) [in C:WindowsWinSxS6_microsoft.vc9O.crt_1fc8b3b9a1 el8e3b_9.030729.4926_none_S08ed732bcbcOeSaMSVCR9O.dIl]

GetOutermost0 Address Ox5ebde8 (filename not found) [in C:Program Files (6)2k GamesBordedandsBinariesBorderlands.exe]

Glmage:Glmage0 Address 0x5c372d (filename not found) (in C:Program Files (6)2k GamesBordeilandsBinariesBordedands.exe]

Glmage:Glmage0 Address = 0x5459f6 (filename not found) [in C:Program Files (6)2k GamesBorderlandsBinariesBorderlands.exe]


What is the problem in loading this game?

Any idea on how can I resolve this?


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Can’t load any game in my computer


Kristina Reinstra


The symptomatic events suggest that you are having profile issues in your system.

In order to isolate and confirm this, first of all launch the program as administrator. Simply right click on the Borderland icon or Borderland.exe file and click on “Run as administrator”.

Now check whether you are receiving the same errors or not. In my experience, the program will be running smoothly now. If yes, then we need to correct your corrupted profile, and the method is explained below, BUT please be advised attempt these steps only when the program (Borderland) is running without mentioned errors.

1-      You have to login as a different user. If there is No other user, simply create one, by right clicking on “My computer – click on Manage – Local User and Groups- Users  and again right click and click on  new User

2-      Login now with this new user, and the follow the steps given on point 1 above up to  ‘users”

3-      Click on users, and on the right pane you will see the name of your original user, right click on that name, and simply change the name by adding 1 or 2.

4-      Now login with this new Renamed profile, and check whether the program is working. If yes, get back to step 2 and 3, but now Rename the profile with your original credentials, i.e: remove the 1 or 2 you added.


Your program should be working now with the original profile.




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Can’t load any game in my computer



it seems that it is the file problem. Such problem normally occurs on the softwares. The platform and the software on which it is running is not necessarily the same. All the work is mostly at background where you even do not know whether they consider integer data to be of 2 bytes or 4 bytes. Thus when your ld system assumes it to be of 2 bytes, the new system may take it for 4 bytes which is not compatible as such obtain a compatible software for running the game, Do not make anything compatible unless it is if good value. Thanks.

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