Can’t access my network using a cable

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I use windows XP in my laptop’s, and I use a licensed copy of an Antivirus.

Everything works ok. In our office all laptops and computers get IP address from DHCP server.

I have LAN connection both cable and wireless.

When I use a wireless connection in my laptop there is no problem, but when I connect my network by cable connection, I can’t access others computer.

When I use a wireless connection it works.

It shows an error message that you have no rights to access local network.

This time when cable connection I can access internet. So what’s the problem?

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Can’t access my network using a cable


If you wish to use both wired and wireless networks, it is recommended that the network be configured separately for the wireless network and also for the wired network.

Keeping both the wired connection and the wireless connection is okay.

You should first test the network setup, with a wired connection and connect all the computers as well as the internet settings.

After the wired connection has been completely configured and tested with all IP address and DHCP server, then the wireless network should be done.

At a time, only one network is advisable, to avoid conflicts although it is believed we get better speeds and data transfer rates using both wired and wireless networks combined.


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Can’t access my network using a cable


If you are getting some wire problem, then you must have a cross on your Local area connection.

But if you are getting some other problem, you can check them step by step, where the problem is located.

If you have already checked your IP address and it is working properly, then you can check why you are not getting the data.

Is this the problem in your case or are you not even able to connect through the network.

In this case, may be the port of your laptop for network is not working.

You can check it also and make sure that it is configured.

Check the drivers for your network card and see what type of network it supports.

If you solved your problem through this, it is very good although, you can do other steps also to check your connectivity, by going to CMD and by typing"tracert".

It will trace the problem and you can see where you lose your connection.


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