Can someone guide me oh how to setup a network server using an old computer

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Hey! I have a computer at home, and it isn’t used much. So I thought I’ll convert it into a network server for the rest of the computers in the household. Can someone guide me through the process on how to setup a network server?

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Can someone guide me oh how to setup a network server using an old computer


If you already have networked devices and a router, this is going to be a pretty simple task. Start the old computer, go to the folders that you want to share, right-click on the folder. Now choose “Sharing and Security” from the menu.

Afterward, you can access these files from the other devices in the network as follows: Go to My computer and type in this in the search bar – “\\(IP address of the old computer).” You will be able to see the shared folders and make changes to it.

In case you do not already have a network at home, start with creating the network. Connect your powered-on router to the modem provided by your ISP using an Ethernet cable. Now configure the router via any device such as a laptop or computer. Configure security as well as settings. Make sure that all the devices intended to be included in the network have a proper Network Adapter. There! Your network is setup. Now setup the server using your old buddy computer as explained above.

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