Samsung laptop won’t open after installing games

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I use Samsung laptop. Last day i install some games. 

When complete install then I open games. 

But when I open then first VGA not supported after a few minute I play games. 

I cancel my games and turn off my laptop. Next day I can not open my Laptop. 

I change my battery. But does not work. 

It can not open. 

So what can I do?

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Samsung laptop won’t open after installing games



Here your problem is complicated but I can be able to solve it for you since I've also experienced the same problem. The most probable cause here is a virus infection or malware which tamper with the system files and the registry. The best thing to do if you had already removed the battery and returned and it still didn't work is to open up the computer and remove or clean up the inside. You may also need to check on the AC jack to make sure there is no cut of wires anywhere.

You need to disassemble the laptop carefully ensuring you place the screws on a safe place and remove the external drives i.e hard drive, battery, USB drive, PCMCIA devices,if you have. You may also remove the Cd rom. You need to check the motherboard for any errors and you may disassemble the RAM and try replacing it.

You may also need to remove the bios battery/cmos battery and return it after several minutes. Once you fix the memory chip back and the cmos battery. You can then reassemble your computer and try restarting it.

It should work, or otherwise you will need to use the XP startup disk!


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