Uninstalling Sybase Error: Stop Sybase on Server SVR0403

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Hi all,

I was about to remove my Sybase software, because I notice days ago that its not running efficiently. When I was about to remove the software, an error message came across my screen that I don't understand.

Sybase install

Before proceeding with installation, stop Sybase on the server SVR0403.

I am not familiar with Sybase, because I am just new in using this software and practicing it. Hoping to know more about this error. I don't have any idea on what to do, what process shall I make. I am now asking somebody to please share some ideas, thoughts on how to reinstall my sybase. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Uninstalling Sybase Error: Stop Sybase on Server SVR0403


Hi Janesprant,

In order for you to reinstall Sybase you would need to remove the program first. But how to do that is the question, since you're getting an error. First of all, the error is telling you that the server is still running. Now to stop the server you can choose the following options:
1. Go to Sybase Central and right click the name of the server then choose Stop from the drop-down menu. (By the way to stop servers in an IQ multiplex, just open the multiplex folder, then right click the server that you need to stop and then choose control – stop.)
2. You can right click on the IQ icon in your system tray then hit exit or you can also click on Shutdown on the database server display.
3. Now if the server is running as a service you can open the service manager in control panel then chose the service and click on stop.
After doing some of these steps then you can uninstall the program in your Windows Control Panel.
Hope this helps.
Johnny W.

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