Can I win a free laptop or buy laptop?

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 Can someone tell me where and how I can enter a sweepstakes to win a computer or a gift card to buy one

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Can I win a free laptop or buy laptop?


You can not get a laptop or computer free from any website. These are fake advertisement which shows that get a laptop or computer or any other gifts for free.

If such website were exits then there are billions of users who use the internet daily and try to fill every form which shows to get gifts for free. But they got nothing at all so you must be very clear do not fill any form showing that get laptops or computer for free because they give you a form to fill in which they try to get some of your secret information and break into your computer system.

Hope this will help you.

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Can I win a free laptop or buy laptop?


There are many promotions that offer free laptop when you join with them. You may find in TV programs or Commercials, Laptop company promos, Computer store promo and many others.

But for owning a laptop in this kind of program is not advisable for the reason you have just a little possibilities to win the sweepstakes. Most of then collects something from you to have a raffle entry for that particular prompt or sweepstakes or something like you buy a ticket for a raffle draw.

If you are not lucky with these programs, you will lose a lot of money before winning. It is not good plan to get gadget acquired from gambling. Better to save your money for buying gadget.

You may get one also from lay – away – better than sweepstakes.


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Can I win a free laptop or buy laptop?


There are numbers of websites that offer free computer as part of the winning prizes. Websites that are legits and mostly are scam.

Most of these websites gives out promises to win this new laptop if you join their circle of network. Subscribed and create an account and or in a form of buying a certain product and enter the corresponding codes or sweepstakes number.

One of the websites that offer this type of winning are the following;

These are one of the so called websites that offer free computers as a winning prizes. These might be a legit type of sweepstakes but be aware of their rules and regulations.

On how to claim the prizes because some might want something from you before they give out the winning prize.

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Can I win a free laptop or buy laptop?


Hello Kanck,

There are many places that you can subscribe so that you can win free gifts, computers and other prizes. Many of them are on the internet nowadays where you are required to subscribe by providing some of your details like your username passwords, and other details that they may ask that you give.

Another place is on television. In your country, there should be programs on various television channels which are geared towards giving away prizes and other freebies which sometimes involve a catch. Some will require you to call and answer some questions, or send a text message which should be in some format, or just view some of their programs. The ideas vary depending on the TV channels.

Other include lottery companies which you can subscribe and try your luck.

Lee Hung

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