Can I watch free online TV in Galaxy Tab 2?

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My issue is about online TV.

I tried to watch some channels online but the websites would not load.

I have FlashPlayer installed on the device, but still no images appears. It remains blank.

I tried to search online for an application but I could not find such.

Can you please help me and tell me if there is such an application designed so I can watch free online TV in Galaxy Tab 2?

Thank you in advance Techyv support.

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Can I watch free online TV in Galaxy Tab 2?


Hi Michael!

You didn't mention what kind of Tab you have, because, you see, the 7" Tab uses Jellybean and you might have to install Flash player on it, while the 10" one works fine with online movies and TV links. Try and install the Flash player from the Adobe page and then see if you can watch anything online.

Then, you can download and install an online TV App that can be found on any app store. For instance, I would recommend the Sony TV Live application, where you can watch TV shows online. Also, the Samsung Media Hub is really useful, not only for shows but also for movies.

Another application is Nextgen TV from Google Play store and also, install Flash player to see videos online.

You can also go to "Movies and shows" in Google Play store, and buy from there for prices like 0,99$ whatever movie you want.

Don't forget that you need a really good Internet connection, either a wireless one or a 3G, because if you don't have a good one, everything you try to watch online starts buffering. 

Good luck!

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