Can I view the code or script of web pages?

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Can I view the code or script of webpages?
I'm new in HTML and CSS. I really want to learn these two interesting topics. I've been wondering if I can view codes or scripts of webpages that I like to get some ideas on how they construct the page using html. Is this possible?

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Can I view the code or script of web pages?


Yes, of course it is possible. You can view every website’s html/htm page coding. Go to a website and then after the page has finished loading press CTRL+U. A new window will open displaying the page source’s coding and scripts. It is also accessible in Mozilla Firefox by going to Tools > Web Developer > Page Source. It will only display the codes that are used on the page especially the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) scripts and some other server-side codes. It will only display the CSS scripts used on that particular page and not the whole listings of the entire CSS script file.

But even if its content is limited you can still view the common html codes used including the sets of java scripts. I will list a few basic html codes that are commonly used in web pages:

  • <p>text</p> – sets the paragraph
  • <br /> – inserts line break
  • <b>text</b> – bold
  • <i>text</i> – italic
  • <u>text</u> – underline
  • <big>text</big> – makes the font size big
  • <small>text</small> – makes the font size small
  • <a href=”url”>text link</a> – used in inserting links
  • <img src=”url” alt=””> – used in images
  • <a href=”url”><img src=”url” alt=””></a> – a link with an image that can also be used in buttons

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