How to recover deleted file in Shared Folder

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Hey there Guys,

I am really into a major problem.

My office laptop is running on Windows Vista. I think it is important that you should know that.

My problem is, I have deleted one of the files in our shared folder. That one is really important and I need to get it back. Of course, I cannot see it in my recycle bin.

I can just report it to our IT people, but personally, I would like to know what should resolve it.


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How to recover deleted file in Shared Folder


Hello Susan,

I know how important it is, to recover those deleted files.
It is necessary to download a recovery program, to help you address this issue such as Recuva, Undelete, or NTFS Undelete.
As soon as the program is installed, up and running, it will scan your drive to search for the recently deleted files and folders and it will show you the files, that can be recovered. As soon as you see the concerned file, please click on the Recover button to restore the file.
Just repeat the steps, until you have finished recovering all the deleted data or files.
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How to recover deleted file in Shared Folder


Dear Susan Cords,

Accidentally, you deleted your important file , but the good news is that you can still recover your file.

One way to retrieve your important file is, from a backup copy if you have a backup of your drive. The other way is that you can recover your file with the help of recovery software like “Panda Recovery” which retrieves files, which are deleted using (Shift + Del) command. You can download it from here.

Another easy step is to get your important files back is the “System Restore” operation. If you are not familiar with this, the steps of this operation are given hereunder: –

  1. Click on Start Button.
  2. Click on all programs and go to Accessories.
  3. Now go to system tools and select system restore.
  4. By default “restore my computer to an earlier version” was selected.
  5. Click next and choose your restore point. After restart your computer will be restored and all your deleted files & settings will appear again.

Hope, it will help you in retrieving your important files back.

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How to recover deleted file in Shared Folder


If the file you deleted and need to be recovered is stored on a shared folder located on another computer across the network, you need to recover it on the computer where the file is originally stored.

The problem is, if multiple users are constantly saving on that folder, recovering the deleted file might no longer be possible because the sectors on the hard drive originally occupied by the file will get overwritten by new files. You might still be able to track the location of the file but recovering it one hundred percent (100%) is very low.

To recover the file, download PC Tools Performance Toolkit and install it. Once installed, start PC Tools then go to “Recovery” tab and click “Recover Lost Files”. On the next screen, configure the scan options and select the drive where the file is located. When you are ready, click “Start Scan” to begin scanning the drive.

Note: you need to install PC Tools on the computer where the file is stored. After the scan, locate the file in the result then recover it.

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