Can i retrieve my data?

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After  reformatting my hard disk I forgot to back up some important files from my disk. Is it possible to retrieve the data that has been deleted after the reformat. Is there any solution for this kind of a problem?

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Can i retrieve my data?


Hi Ronthugalog,

Recovering data from a hard drive which was reformatted is quite complex. It involves a course of advanced process troubleshooting that deals with software and hardware. What I can suggest is to see a data recovery expert. I know some really good services that will most likely recover your data. Here's what you need to do:

Shut down the computer, remove the hard drive, and call any of these data recovery services.

  1. Secure Data Recovery Services : 800-388-1266

  2. Salvage Data Recovery Service : 800-970-7188

  3. ADR Data Recovery : 800-450-9282

  4. DTI Data : 866-438-6932

  5. Disk Doctors : 800-347-5377

Hope this helps.

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Can i retrieve my data?



Yes it is still possible to retrieve the files that were deleted when you formatted your hard drive. But it is not 100% sure that you can still undo the formatting of the hard drive. Search the Internet for ZAR data recovery software or just download it at the link. It is a general-purpose data recovery program for formatted disks both external and internal, deleted files, and others. You can use this to recover the previously formatted hard drive.

Be sure that the formatted hard drive was untouched and no files have been copied onto it. Remove the hard drive from the CPU. Install the previously downloaded ZAR on another computer. After installing it shut down the computer and then attach the formatted hard drive. Your BIOS should now detect the hard drive. After Windows has booted, run ZAR and then follow the instructions on the panel.

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Can i retrieve my data?


You should perform regular backups of your system and keep multiple backups of important, irreplaceable files.

Without multiple backup copies of your files, your files will not exist anywhere except on your Mac.

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Can i retrieve my data?


Hello dear,

The data is much important than the machine. Yes, you can retrieve your files, in fact, we can retrieve files after a long time without any consequences. There is a lot of software that can perform this task.

I suggest you use Disk Drill Data Recovery for this. Disk Drill is a very powerful data recovery package, it provides 100% secure and guaranteed data recovery.

You can download it from this link:

I hope this software will fully help you recover your files.


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