Can I restore lost data on xls file?

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I was working on some data in an xls sheet just the other night and I happened to cut out some data but the lights went off before I could paste it where I wanted. The problem is that I had hit the save button on the spreadsheet. How can I recover these files? Is there a software that I could use or is there a place that I should search on the computer in order to get a previous copy of the xls file?

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Can I restore lost data on xls file?

MS office save your data automatically in case you accidently deleted it or your power system turned off during work due to some reason. 
Every version of Excel offers a document recovery panel to help you recover your unsaved work due to a software or system crash. 
Click on 'File' on the very top of your tool bar (top left of your computer screen)
Go into 'Info' and click on 'Manage Versions'
Then 'Recover Unsaved Workbooks'.
It will show you the list of your unsaved work to recover easily. 
Click on the file you want to recover.
Your file will be opened in Excel. Save the file in your computer.  
Or download 'EaseUS software' for recovery of deleted xls or xlsx files.
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Can I restore lost data on xls file?


Do not worry. Your lost data will be recovered. Just make sure that you do not use that lost data’s space, avoid disk writing until you recover your lost data. As that space will be left blank by the OS, if you perform disk writing, that space will be filled with new data and becomes very difficult to recover it.

DiskInternals Excel recovery

It is used to find and get back those lost Excel file data, securely. No matter even if your hard disk is damaged.

It looks up the file system for all the XLS files that were recently deleted. It performs tests on them if they can be recovered.

It uses a list of signatures that are associated with the XLS files format, extracts and validates their data.

It matches the results that are obtained with the file system scan with those obtained by scanning the hard disk surface.

It displays all the files along with their file names, contents and metadata.

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