Can I recover previous setting on Net Surveyor?

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Hi there!

I have been using Net Surveyor in managing my small internet business, but suddenly it collapsed. I had given custom names to each of the clients in the application and now I do not have that since the application collapsed. Is there a way to make a recovery so that when I make a new installation I will be able to get the custom names back? The reason I am asking is because I was maintaining a separate audit not blended in the system.

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Can I recover previous setting on Net Surveyor?


Hi Kevin M Reinke

To be able to get your custom names back, am going to give you steps that you should promptly follow for your system recovery; this entails recovering the system if an unexpected event takes the 'surveyor and database servers offline'

1. Restore database backup to backup server

2. Designate a new virtual/physical machine as 'surveyor' server.

3. The new server should be confirmed that  has the required software to install and pointed to SURVEYOR database.

4. Surveyor I.D.. files and license should be copied to the new server

5. Create a DNS entry to point the Surveyor clients to the new servers this means that you need to set up the new server with the same IP and name as the old one.

 NB applies to verdiem surveyor version 5x

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