Can I image mac drive Acronis True Image?

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Hello, just want to ask if it is possible for Acronis True Image to image a Mac?

Please tell me about it.

Can you explain to me what the process is?

If it is not possible, can you give me other alternatives?


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Can I image mac drive Acronis True Image?


Hi Angela Martinez

Well it’s a fact that Acronis product do not supports MAC Operating System X.

You must need to know that standalone versions of Acronis products are not supporting Apple Mac machines more.

Its products do not run under Linux and Windows operating system when it is installed on Apple Mac using bootcamp.

There are two reasons for it

  1. Usually the Apple systems use the EFI bootstrap firmware than BIOS firmware.
  2. There are different partitioning principles for Apple Mac machines.

Now what you have to do to image a Mac?

There is an application for you which can do your job easily.

I would recommend you “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “Super Doper”.

Bothe applications works quite well and also easy to use, have an excellent support too.

I hope you’ll get your solution from here. Good Luck! 


Johnstoon Leen

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