Can I copy an entire worksheet into a new one?

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How can I copy a worksheet in Excel into another worksheet in the same workbook? I have a set of data typed in a worksheet and would like to copy the entire content into another worksheet. Copy /Paste would just kill the formatting so, I would rather copy the entire worksheet instead.


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Can I copy an entire worksheet into a new one?



This type of job is just simple copy & pasting.

In order to move the data to new worksheet, create a new worksheet by clicking “+” icon in the bottom bar, showing the worksheets. From the first worksheet, press “Ctrl + A” to select the whole sheet contents. Now, press “Ctrl + C” to copy and go to the new worksheet. There, select the A1 cell and press “Ctrl + V”.

The whole sheet is in the new worksheet.

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Can I copy an entire worksheet into a new one?


Unfortunately, if you do not want to lose the formatting of the worksheet, there’s no other way except to copy and paste the data to another sheet. In Microsoft Office Excel, there is a way to merge multiple worksheets into one single worksheet using the “Consolidate” feature. You can find it in the “Data” tab in Microsoft Office Excel.

But this is not the option you want because consolidating the sheets will kill everything. You will lose the correct heading or the titles per column and the values in every cell will be different because the values in both worksheets will be combined. If you are willing to spend a little money for this task, you can use a Microsoft Office Excel add-in from Ablebits.

Go to Ablebits Add-ins for Microsoft Excel and download the trial version. The trial version works full featured for 14 days. Once you have the add-in installed, go to Consolidate data in Excel to learn how the merging of multiple worksheets into one worksheet is done. For the pricing, if you wish to buy it, go to Ablebits Purchase.

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