Can Compaq Presario motherboard support quad processor

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Hello. I just bought a laptop (Compaq Presario). I just want to know whether my motherboard can support a 1066 MHz core speed or a quad processor.  My laptop has a 32 bit Windows 7 already installed.

Can anybody help me please?

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Can Compaq Presario motherboard support quad processor


Hi Heather,

I would need a little bit more information on what model you are using. But considering that the heatsink on laptops are specifically designed for the stock CPU it shipped with it would rather be difficult for you to swap a quad-core into an existing laptop. One exception if the laptop was designed for gaming then yeah, you could swap the CPU. But take note, you have to make sure the chipset of the motherboard supports the CPU and also check on what kind of socket type your laptop already has. You can download this program to verify these specifications here is a link to the program: Also if ever your motherboard supports the CPU, check the support site of your laptop, type its model and see if it has a BIOS update to support your new CPU.

Hope this helps,

Phillip John

Check the pictures to see the specifications of your motherboard.

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